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FreeSpace: Assault Force Fight as a GTA Marine in the first Great War. A modification for Half-Life 2

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Join FS-AF!

Welcome to the FreeSpace Assault join now thread. If you have any questions regarding joining, or if you would like to join, this is the place to ask.

*EDIT* Due to some massive internal changes, the list has been edited.

A list of what we'll most likely need after the story has completely/mostly laid itself out. (Green means it's open, yellow means we don't need it yet, or it's mostly full, and red means it's been taken and we don't need anymore.)

: Level Designers - New Level Designers are accepted, but so are more skilled level designers. Due to the possibility of an engine change, experience with Hammer or the Crysis sandbox would be the best.

: Texture Designers - Texturers are needed rather badly at this point. If you can texture in Maya 08/09, it'd be the best. If you can texture in 3dsMax, then that may work also.

: Modelers - Modelers at this point are once again needed. If you would like to apply for this, please say so, and I'll give you my e-mail so you can send me a previously made model (.obj format preferred.) If you can model and texture, that's an added bonus.

: Sound mixer/Sound designer - May be needed at a later time and date.

: Voice actors! We won't need VA's until the storyline is done.

At the current moment, this is what's needed. So if your interested in helping and want to join, post a comment saying so, or send me a PM.

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I've been doing a lot of modeling in Blender 2.6, but I would like to have a guideline to the poly counts... Also, what kind of
Cut scenes are going to be put into the Mod? Pre-rendered, or In-game cut scenes?
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