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Old 07-27-2009  
rasauul rasauul is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 3
MISSION 14 MOD! at last!

At last after probably more than 1000 hours of modding, here is MISSION 14, plus pimped prequel + pimped vanilla storyline,

I hope you will love it, its hosted at:

Heres some info on other changes in this mod:

Big funky script for player customization and more...

Alternate Story-thns
Semi transparent slimline nav map
New slimline UI
Spinning realistic size planets in most systems
Non "grid" planetary setup

Dogfighting features:
New realistic/faster projectile speeds and damage
Faster paced combat
Alternate Slerp and Ship handling
Changed crosshair behaviour
higher speeds and maneuverability
More realistic a.k.a higher collision damage

Text n' menus:
Lots of new text
New menu names
New fonts

New background and cruise sounds
Some new music

Easy landing to disable "Drunk driving" when landing
New better pilots added
Better autopilot skill when cruising

Items n ships:
Added modified nomad powercore
Different ships compiled from several mods
New storyline player ships

BigDaddyStoryline 1.25
Mod base

Flak 88 mod
menu screen THNs
Added flak char designer n pimped it a bit

Realspace mod
Added some lighting settings from this mod

By 1001
prequel: "before FP7" added and pimped

19k docking
Nepthys ship
Isis Ship

Shrouded Worlds:
Order bomber

Black label:
Chain turret added

Big funky script for player customization and much much more...

Feel free to rip as you please........but remember to credit Have fun. Rasauul


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Old 07-27-2009
MatthewPapa MatthewPapa is offline
GWBB Admin
Will have to give this a try, assuming I can find my disks
Old 07-29-2009
shiv shiv is offline
Earth Defense dude :)
Consider getting hosted with your project here
Old 07-31-2009
rasauul rasauul is offline
Sure that would be great!

If you want feel free to grab it from the before mentioned link and put it on your site´, if its too much hassle i can upload it if you tell me how.
Old 08-04-2009
Installation guide
rasauul rasauul is offline
Installation Guide:

when you extract the folder from the exe (happens when you doubleclick it)

There should be a window with a set extract location saying C:\Programs\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods.

IF you install this and you have FLMM located in another place on your pc then the installer will create the folder of the above string.
(which means you have to manually move the folder from the (newly created) Programs\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods Folder)

You can change (browse) the extract install location if your mods folder is located elsewhere.

A typical problem could be installing/extracting to

C:\Programs\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods

When it should have been (change it to):

C:\Program FIles\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods

For any other trouble downloading or installing look for advice/help in the official
"mission 14 mod" forum

Located here:

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