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How to remove messenger ads

hi there guys!!!
hope this would help to remove the ads from your messenger window. Help to get rid of this annoying thing!

How to eliminate advertisements from your Windows Live Messenger window.

Now you can configure this program so that it doesn’t show you advertisements, which are sometimes a nuisance.

Advertisements have gradually become something you probably would rather not see, especially in such important areas as, for example, the Internet.

Now you can eliminate it from Windows Live Messenger and get rid of the changing banners forever

We will show two different methods to do this: in the first procedure, which you can only do if you are an Internet Explorer user, you must access the browser and choose the option “Internet Options” located within the “Tools” menu.

Next, you set the “Security” configuration to “High”, and click on the “OK” button.

It should be noted that, due to this browsing mode, Internet Explorer’s control over the PC is total. Therefore, you should not be surprised if on many of the pages you regularly visit you see warning messages.

If this configuration doesn’t work (or you are not an Internet Explorer user), try the second method: download the WLM Universal Patcher

Once installed on your computer, this useful program will make advertisements disappear from all those places where it is such a nuisance.

Finally you can get rid of the advertisements from the main Windows Live Messenger window, once and for all!

more info at: messenger



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Old 04-07-2013
Thanks for information, you covered all the topics to remove ads.

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